How to advertise your small business (easy & affordable ways)

Whether you are a mom and pop shop, an established blogger aspiring to get 1 million followers, a college student selling her entire closet to pay off rent, or even anyone who just started a little side business on their own, most common dilemma would always be on how they can spread their name out in public. In this post, I provide easy and affordable ways to make awareness. I speak with experience, I am not making this up, I can promise you that. I have managed a hotel’s social media, as well as spoken with different types of clients ranging from small to medium sized businesses to fairly well established local and regional businesses. I am aware of their needs and concerns. I have enough credentials for this, so let’s start!

#1: Social media is free, USE IT!

I think everyone is aware of this, but in case you’re living under a rock, social media is free! That is facebook, twitter, instagram, and much more! For instance, make a page on facebook just solely about your business (I mean, duh!). If you’re a mom and pop shop, share a current product that is out on sale! Show that you care for the customers. Listen to their needs. Perhaps, ask about what they need, learn their names, converse with them, and generally be intimate with them.

One important thing coming out from this is to increase acceptance, attitude, and awareness by 50%. Have a set goal to reach. I interned for a hotel called Inna Sindhu Beach in Bali and my goal for the usage of social media was to increase awareness, acceptance, and attitude by 50% by the end of a month. I mainly managed their social media (Facebook & Twitter), wrote their blog page (WordPress), and recorded their first video ever. All for free! And you know what’s amazing about it? Their page suddenly jumped from 550 to 1,351 likes. That’s all because I focused on reaching that certain goal. It is always important that you have a goal to reach. Whether it would be improving likes, followers on Twitter, Instagram, or the blog.

#2: Reach out to your local community (I mean, the media)

By this, reach out to your local television and radio station. I know, it sounds traditional. But if you are a mom and pop shop, of course you are targeting your community. How do you target the whole United States in a matter of days? Not possible. This, I can guarantee you, will be a good idea. Since broadcast networking companies think that television and radio will eventually become nonexistent in the future (not yet, though), they are attempting to come up with creative and awesome content made to entertain the local community. Now, this is where you come to the picture. Sponsorships, lame television advertisements created by the TV station, and digital ads (specifically banner ads, video roll, countdown clocks, weather sponsorships, and etc) are ways you can spread your name to your community.

Oh and guess what! TV stations are starting to do email blasts/email marketing and retargeting nowadays, which I think it’s very beneficial to businesses who no longer believe in traditional advertising. Usually, the TV stations do not charge that much as any marketing or advertising agency for email blast. The price range is $900 for 25,000 recipients in your desired nearby towns that you want to reach. It does vary amongst different TV stations. You decide for yourself if that may be the right choice for you. In addition, other affordable digital choices that local TV stations can provide are google ad words reselling, mobile contesting, app sponsorships, facebook sponsored content, and so much more it is slightly ridiculous. There are too many options that will blow your mind!

#3 Network! Create a business card.

Who says that attending events and conversing with people won’t help? Indeed it does. Simply give your business card to anybody you have a conversation with. Discuss about your business and show them you are passionate about it. People will help and spread the word to others.

Whether you are attending family parties, meetings with professional groups, rendezvous with friends, or even encounter with random strangers at the mall, everything will lead on to something great. Take it as an opportunity and do not lose hope! Basically, hand your business card into the hands of anyone who are able to help you.

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