Let’s talk emotions! Pt. 1

I am starting a series called “Let’s Talk Emotions” where I simply discuss how advertising has an effect on our emotions. Undoubtedly, every ads you see will always generate an emotional response. You may feel happy, sympathetic, aggravated, upset, terrified, sad. We are human, we have emotions. For this series, I want to specifically talk about advertisements that trigger emotions….hard. Like, I am talking tears and smiles! These are ads that convey just the right message, despite it being fairly elongated. My purpose for this series is to inform you on why they are such tremendous ads and why it will linger on your mind throughout your day. You are probably wondering “oh it’s probably those Thai commercials I see on my facebook timeline that always make people tear up.” Yes, you guessed it right.

The ad below conveys a feeling of guilt that overcomes a condescending store owner after learning what lead to the actions of the homeless person who lives in front of his store. Check out the ad below to see how the story unfolds and the product that they are advertising (in case you have not seen it yet or want to see it again)!

Product: Vizer cc tv, “There’s much more truth than you are blind to….”

Why it works:

People love stories! They don’t want dry and eerie humor advertisements that leave them feeling flustered at the end. This ad is straight to the point. He discovered the reason why the homeless guy sleeps in front of his store through his closed circuit television (cc tv) footage . While watching the footage, the man realized his appalling action towards the homeless man and also discovered the brutal event that occurred one night. Although the murder scene may be a bit redundant, it is still a story, a tragic one for sure. Any story can lead to anything, as long as the viewers leave the video feeling an array of emotions. It also teaches us a lesson on how we behave towards other human beings, specifically the less fortunate.

Please let me know of your thoughts or concerns about this ad on the comments section below. Look forward to part two on the “Let’s Talk Emotions” series, although this time I promise you it will not be tragic. Hope you enjoyed this post!


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