Let’s Talk Emotions! Pt. 3 Wonder Core

Welcome to the 3rd series of “Let’s Talk Emotions” where I discuss TV ads that affect our emotions. Just to briefly review, my attempt is to merely illustrate proofs on why ads work. Some of the ads I have shown on this series create all sorts of emotions, whether it is sad, depressing, humorous, and etc. For the third series, I decide another humorous ad would be a good idea to discuss! The product is called Wondercore, which is basically an abs equipment. Let’s see what kinds of emotions you feel after seeing this ad!

I know you all probably chuckled at some point. I know I did. I mean, would you have thought that the man in the commercial was going to fall to an abs machine? I know I didn’t. It was all very surprising, yet humorous and entertaining. The way I interpret the message of this ad is that you can overcome any obstacles (whether it is slipping over a soap, fighting with your wife, your dog pushed you, zapped by Darth Vader, Lucha Libre wrestling and then getting hit by a wrecking ball), while getting that six packs, but yet still enjoy every bit of it and getting some results. I know for a fact, after seeing this ad, I may be purchasing a wondercore abs equipment myself. Who knows I’ll run obstacles such as getting hit by a gym equipment and that way I’d decide to stick to Wondercore. I mean, who needs the gym anyways?

I am a huge fan of Japanese commercials, but this one is beyond creative. Get ready for more Japanese ads on the way!


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