5 Reasons Why Celebrity Endorsements Work!

For all you die-hard Kylie Jenner fans, I have a question for you. When you see Kylie as the new face of Puma, would you buy their product immediately?

If you don’t know Kylie, you are probably the most anti social human being on the planet. She may not change the world in a positive way, or even inspire millennials in a positive way, but she is hella popular. She is halfway into a billion followers on Instagram alone. Can you imagine how many fans invest their time to view this popular star’s daily life?

So yes, today’s post is about celebrity endorsements or better yet celebrity branding, celebrity marketing…however you’d like to call it.  In case some of you aren’t aware, celebrity endorsement is literally a form of advertising where celebrities use their fame to promote certain products. Pretty straight-forward. There are A – list celebrities, or even famous youtube bloggers/vloggers that participate in this unique form of advertising!

Now before I go further, why is it that consumers are prone to buy a product that Kylie or even any popular stars promote?

1. People like to see a familiar face on a product

Let’s be real. A lot of mainstream or A – list celebrities are known to majority of the world’s population. Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kanye, need I say more?

It catches viewers’ attention when they see Queen Bey in the Pepsi commercial or their print ad. I’m going to honestly say that I am certainly not die-hard fans of Beyonce (yeah yeah, make fun of me all you like), but her fame is literally taking the world by storm!

We clearly can tell that Pepsi is on Beyonce’s grocery list

2. People want to be like the celebrities. 

The stars’ fame and success stories are inspirations to majority of their fans. Therefore, some attempt to live their lifestyles or even attempt to alter their physical looks just to appear even remotely close to the star. Is this a good idea? I personally don’t think so but people in this universe are obsessed human beings, I tell you.

This poor soul whose only goal in life is to look like Kim Kardashian

Generally, celebrities would post a product they’re promoting on their social media pages and therefore if fans truly want to look like them, they will buy whatever products they use.

*Disclaimer: you don’t have to look like the celebrity. I know perhaps I will be getting lots of debates and judgements about photoshops and how we shouldn’t look like them because it will make us feel insecure because media’s portrayal of beauty standards are out of this world. Just be who you are and if you find inspiration from these stars, follow your own dreams instead. The fact that they’re successful or a good hearted person can be the only inspiration that you can take from it. Otherwise, be you!

3. They open up new demographic

Stars with great reputation are prone to reaching more followers than stars that have terrible reputation. Some of their fans range from 12 – 64 years old, or even younger. These celebrities have fans of all ages, which may benefit brands. Why, do you ask?

Take Puma for example: can you imagine advertising Puma when their target audience only ranges from 18 – 30 years old? Think about it. By using celebrities’ fame, Puma is able to reach children under 13 years old or even adults above 40 years too! It obviously depends on the stars’ reputation. If the star does not keep it PG-13, then the possibility of opening up new market is little to none.

Another important factor is social media. We know that Kylie is halfway into a billion followers on Instagram. How about Snapchat, Facebook, or even her youtube channel? the star itself isn’t the only important factor for celebrity endorsements, social media plays a huge role as well. Snapchat covers a much younger target audience (I’m 24 but I love using Snapchat. So that makes me young, I hope), Facebook covers about all ranges of age, same goes with Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Oh the places they can go!

The stunning Jennifer Aniston and her stunning Smart Water
Taylor Swift can definitely make you drink diet coke now, right?

4. The belief of getting high quality product

Companies spend millions on celebrity endorsements. Big brands such as Nike, Puma, Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Vitamin Water, and etc. are worth billions themselves.

Since by now we know that consumers are prone to buying a product when they see a familiar face in the ads, most also assume that it must be a high quality product because they see some credentials. Most fans would believe that if their favorite stars think the product is favorable, then they would most likely buy the product! At times, the brands can speak for itself if they are big name brands anyway.

5. People remember the ads after seeing it. 

When you scroll through magazines or watching TV or Youtube and see a celebrity in some of the ads, what kinds of emotions are going through your mind?

Surprised, amazed, happy, or even sad. These advertisements certainly will leave some sort of emotions, therefore it would make you remember the ads you saw throughout the whole day.

Hellen Mirren’s PSA about drunk driving. #giveadamn

Disclaimer though, if a celebrity admires a certain product they are not working with, it is not celebrity endorsement. It simply means they like the product and want to share with their fans how much the product is useful, without any sort of sponsorship. These celebrities often post regarding these things on their social media accounts.

To conclude with the question for all you die – hard Kylie Jenner fans, yes you would most likely buy a product from Puma. Of course, some of you may disagree but if you look at the factors of familiarity, following trends or even the possibility of purchasing a great product, there is no doubt that celebrity endorsements work!




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