The New iPhone 7!

Long and behold, the new iPhone 7 is here!

They were released on the 7th of September but really, I’m more intrigued of how the new product is being promoted and exposed. I have an interesting proposition. Stick around to find out!

So what’s different with the new iPhone? if it isn’t obvious, it’s the first waterproof iPhone, with a 12 MP camera and an optical image stabilization that allows you to zoom as close as you can to an object or a person (awkward). New color’s introduced in this new device as a “high gloss” jet black with a new designed home button. But of course, not to forget, there is no headphone jack, meaning Apple offers us wireless airpods.

And of course, Apple came out with a few commercials and promotions to spread the word about the new iPhone. Here are the ads you may have seen so far!

Apple made sure we pay close attention to the ad by not blinking. They try to cram in as much information as they can to let you know about the launch of their new products.


In this commercial about the new Airpods, Apple confirms that they’ve created an amazing technological innovation of the future.


and many, many more.

So what is that interesting proposition, you may ask? You may notice the new iPhone has been getting mixed reviews on the internet. Unfortunately for Apple, they’re not all great. Memes, spoofs, and all comical arbitrary have been out about the new iPhone.

Is this bad publicity? It doesn’t necessarily have to. It’s a form of entertainment to the internet community. Of all the great and slightly offensive reviews of the new iPhone, people are still buying it. The new product is getting so much exposure and attention that it’s hard for people to avoid. Aside from all the advertising campaigns Apple has executed thus far, word of mouth and all the hilarious remarks on the internet have helped with the purchasing decision of customers as well. Yes, some may complain there is no earphone jack and that people think they can easily lose their airpods, however iPhone still does have a fairly good reputation as being a great product. People have been fed with all these incredible and useful information from ads and even memes about the new iPhone that people just find the offensive reviews to be insignificant, but yet only a form of entertainment.




Even Apple fans can admit all of these are fairly hilarious. Which one relates to you the most? and would you still buy the new iPhone?

Apple has done an incredible job of creating product awareness to the public and attracting customers all over the world. But have people paid attention to the mixed reviews online? I guess not. Are they super fun to read and watch, though? Certainly.








2 thoughts on “The New iPhone 7!

  1. They’ve been on a downward spiral ever since they lost Steve, but they’re still one of the leading innovators when it comes to technology. I’m sure people will still go crazy over the new iPhone.


  2. I want the new iPhone SO badly!! They really don’t change much every year but I somehow want to fork out hundreds of dollars for the new release ever year! Ugh!!


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