Denmark’s humorous anti-trump guerrilla ad

Here with another review from Ads Aren’t Annoying!

Denmark is looking out for America with an hilarious guerrilla ad by UncleGrey Copenhagen to make American expats vote in this crazy election season.

What onlookers get to witness: a bus traveling around Copenhagen with Trump’s eyes as its’ tires roll away on the streets, signifying Trump rolling his eyes and appearing whimsical, much like how he handles his presidential campaign.

Notice the ad’s call to action: VOTE. It’s informing American expats in Denmark to vote, as their voice also matters even when they’re overseas. It could even convince U.S. citizens in America that aren’t planning to vote, to actually take action to prevent Trump’s presidency.

Bashing on Trump has been a fairly popular trend in this election season, especially when it comes to advertisements. Seeing ads like this does not only make awareness, but can also be a form of entertainment to bystanders of the city.

What did you think of the ad? Does it make you laugh, cringe, mad? will you remember this ad after seeing it? Let us know in the comments below!

Remember, everyone. VOTE. or forever hold your peace.


2 thoughts on “Denmark’s humorous anti-trump guerrilla ad

  1. I love that ad, it is genius. Not only is voting so important, but this ad reminds you in an amusing way that you definitely won’t forget.


  2. Loving this. How clever! I love a good bus ad.


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