Our pick on top Christmas ads of 2016

It’s the best time of the year!

This season is about giving, being with your family, giving kindness to others, and being jolly. Below are some of the top Christmas ads picked by us. We can assure you that these ads will give you all the “feels.”

In this advert, it shows that not only Mr. Claus does his job to make children all over the world happy, but Mrs. Claus can do the same too. She makes sure that one kid’s wish of giving his sister awesome new shoes from Marks & Spencer comes true.

Family is important, especially during the holiday season. Macy’s makes sure that a little girl is able to write her wishes, even if it’s for the little things. It’s her way to make the world a better place.

Mercedes Benz doesn’t stop you from going wherever you want, no matter if the weather may not permit. You’re able to drive to any places without hesitation. One dad makes sure that his son isn’t disappointed, to ensure the son makes one girl happy. Christmas is about being there for your family and to provide support for each other.

Kids are up to date in this generation, which is why their Grandma wants to make it a happy gathering once they come to visit. It’s certainly a family gathering full with shows on demand, movies, and of course internet, which Xfinity offers!

Everyone goes through hardships in their lives or even throughout their day. In this Brazilian coca cola advert, one kid is willing to change that just by offering a coca cola drink to make their day even brighter.

Following the Fort McMurray forest fire occurrence, West Jet ensures that the victims of this tragedy receive a free flight and also a wonderful Christmas celebration, after all that they’ve lost from the terrible tragedy.

We hope that everyone has a joyful Christmas. But also, while some of us are fortunate to have our family around together in a great condition, let’s also think about the people out there that need love the most. People that are currently suffering in Aleppo, Syria, homeless people that are out there in the cold, or anyone who are suffering unfortunate events. In this holiday season, let’s think about them and hope for the best for these people. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, everyone!


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