What to expect from ads in 2017

Happy new year to everyone, from Ads Aren’t Annoying! Hope this year will bring lots of joy, success, happiness, and of course…even better ads! In 2016, we saw some great ads and also some terrible ones in all media platforms. However, as the year goes by, we expect advertisements to be better. Some agencies are kicking others in the butt in this department, but some are just lacking creativity. Below are lists of what to expect from ads in the the new year!

1. More memorable

Yes, we have stressed this out enough in all our ad reviews. If we remember the ad after seeing it, you know it must be a good ad. The name of the brand will linger in your mind throughout the day and you may or may not want to purchase the product afterwards. This is key to any good advertisements.

2. Less confusing

We’ve seen many commercials on TV where we question “what the heck did we just watch?” or even some of us may comment “I don’t get it.” Not all ads are great on TV, even though we do stress that ads aren’t annoying. However, an ad that everyone understands is an ad that is great and not…annoying.

3. Better call to action

This is key to a good ad. To sell people their product. One way how to do that is obviously by attaching a great call to action in the advertisements. Once we, the consumers, see the certain call to action (whether it is a great and creative one or not), we will be more likely to purchase the product.


4. More of those awesome Thai commercials

These Thai commercials have been super popular on Facebook. The one where the father lies about what he does for a living, lies about his happiness, lies that he has money, lies that he’s never tired from his hard labor, only to try to create a better life for his daughter,  or the one where one kid dresses as a stormtrooper everyday to class because she felt ashamed about having cancer and then suddenly all of her classmates joined with her and wore the stormtrooper masks together for a Star Wars ad. Ahh, so sweet and emotional. We’re 100% sure that we’ve at least cried in every single one of them. Therefore, we expect to see more of these awesome thai commercials this year!


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