Top 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2017

Who was rooting for the Patriots last night? Congratulations! It was, indeed, a close game.

Other than just football, a lot of us watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show and of course…the 30 second commercials!  This is the prime time for all ads. It’s where brands spend millions to get a spot on air, let alone the production. And of course, It’s where, for the first time, the audience/consumers pay attention to ads and are excited about them. This year we’ve got some humorous, clever ads, but some can also get political and controversial. We picked 10 that we thought were excellent. You’ll have to see more to find out below!

You’re probably most familiar with this one. Quite possibly one of the most controversial ads (so some may believe), from the wake of Trump’s new executive order following his inauguration. A tear-jerker, for sure.

Another ad involving the politics, following above’s 84 Lumber commercial. A story of a refugee.

America’s favorite duo in a T-Mobile commercial. Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg. The two seems to be a hit nowadays, which isn’t a bad idea to put them in this commercial.

Melissa McCarthy attempts to save the world, like a hero in this commercial. She wants to be like a warrior, but little did she know, she can drive like one too.

Great messages about chasing your dreams, narrated by some of your favorite celebrities. Sure, it’s a Honda commercial, but we don’t see any car in it. However, a message is more than enough for this ad!

When you thought you saw your love at first sight, then it backfired! #stresstest

When Bill Nye, the Science Guy, needs some 10 dimensions of cleaning up to do!

When you thought your guy couldn’t even clean, he can become Mr. Clean, the cleaner of your dreams!

Everyone wants skittles. Even your mom, dad, grandma, and…the thief?

The rival between Sprint and Verizon is nonstop, following Verizon’s rival ad. This was a come back ad for Sprint! Way to go.


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