10 ways to endure quarantine

Let’s get straight to the point. With this whole social distancing phenomena that we all have to deal with in wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, we’re forced to stay inside our homes to prevent the spread of the virus. So, yes, if any of you aren’t practicing any of this, then you need to get back inside your homes. We’ll give you some suggestions on how to survive being stuck at home!

  1. Develop a new hobby

Learn how to play guitar, the piano, or learn how to sing better! Perhaps you want to become a better dancer? If you practice daily, it will become a habit and you will eventually improve the skill. Some people also take in baking and cooking as a new hobby, which is great for the people who live with them, because as most of you know, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. The list of hobbies goes on and on! Whatever you can think of and whatever your heart desires!

2. Build a personal development goal

Many of us aim to be better each passing day that we live. For what is worth, life is short. By creating a personal development goal, you’ll able to achieve anything that you desire. Going back to creating that new hobby of yours during the quarantine days, you can use that certain hobby and build goals each week. By implementing this, you may use the SMART goals tactic. Ever heard of it?

S is for Specific. M is for Measurable. A is for Attainable. R is for Relevant. T is for Time-bound. Is your goal specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, or is time bound? Make sure you check off every details, to make sure that you have successfully achieved that goal. For more info on the SMART Goal strategy, visit https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/smart-goals.htm

3. Catch up on a show you’ve always wanted to watch

Have you ever wondered, before the stay-at-home regulations mandated by the government, that you wouldn’t want to binge-watch any shows because you’re afraid you’ll waste a lot of time and procrastinate on any important tasks? You are not alone. Guess what? now you don’t have to feel as guilty to binge watch or even catch up on any shows that you’ve always wanted to watch pre-COVID 19 madness. Of course, do the deed and manage your time well at the same time!

4. Try to go outside once in a while

Yes, the government wants us to stay at home. A little Vitamin D to step outside, even if it’s just from your balcony, is necessary. Be a good citizen and stay 3 – 6 ft away from people. With necessary tasks such as buying groceries, going to the hospital, etc., as long as we wear gloves, fabric masks, carry a hand sanitizer and stay 3 ft from people, we’ll stay safe.

5. Work from home effectively

For those of us who are not essential workers and are required to work from home, this tip is for you! Sure at times working from home may be deemed a luxury but it is harder than it looks. Your productivity is at stake, there are potential interruptions, perhaps a few embarrassing moments when one forgets to wear pants in a Zoom meeting by getting up to get something and forgot to turn the video off while at it. Few things we can suggest are staying off your social media accounts, wait until the end of work hours to watch Netflix or Hulu, or perhaps to implement the Pomodoro technique which is a breakdown strategy of tasks into a 25 minute blocks. One factor to consider is to re-define your space by separating work from home, through setting aside a space to work comfortably so that you may focus well. It would certainly help if your work space is organized and clean.

6. Check in with your family members and friends

Get re-acquainted with friends you don’t see often by reconnecting through the available cross-platform messaging apps. Check in to see how they are doing through this tough time we live in currently. Most people take this time to talk with their family members or even spend the exciting quarantine time with them. Take this time to reconnect your personal relationships with others! Do you often say, “I’m too busy to talk” ? well, say no more!

7. Change your attitude and perspectives

Have you been pessimistic for a good amount of time in your life? Have you been ungrateful about life in general? Then it’s time to change that! With the negativity that’s going on in the world, in the media, this weird phenomena that we’re dealing with now, we must take this time to self reflect. Practice meditation, if that helps for you. What is it that you want to improve about your ways of thinking? Work on that!

8. Do good to others

A lot of people are in need at this time. There are many circumstances where this pandemic has caused a lot of unfortunate situations. Of the many things occurring, there is an ultimate crisis on the front line of the COVID 19 madness. Masks and other necessary medical equipments are limited. If we truly want this virus to end, our front line workers need the necessary tools to help us fight against the virus. So we suggest donating masks, gloves, and other equipments, instead of stocking them at home. Other situations arise such as employees being laid off, people living in hunger and poverty, the elderly being the most sensitive to the virus has difficulty going out and buying things they need, and the list goes on. Donate to your favorite and credible non profit that best support these issues today!

9. Improve your professional life

Ever thought about what you can do to improve the way you work? or perhaps have that goal to get promoted at your job? Think about ways you can do so. What are the necessary steps that you can take to get there? Work smarter, not harder. Take initiative, come up with great ideas, stay on top of every projects or assignments, conduct your job ethically, and so on. Any positive actions that you can take to get you on top! This is the time to shine and to ponder on how you can improve the way you work, so that you can get to your end goal!

10. Learn a new language

Broader your horizon! Explore other cultures by learning their language. Not only does it foster an understanding and respect for other cultures, we can also understand the exchange between human nature. By learning a new language, we can boost our brain power, improve our ability to multitask, improve our memory, and plus! we can put a new skill to add to our resume.


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